Fun, Service, Excellence...

We the professionals at The Beauty Bar strive to bring you all of these with no compromise in affordability.  For our clients, we pride ourselves in being a cut above the rest, offering an array of services.  We cut no corners when it comes to both quality and care.  Browse through our services and contact us for an appointment.  

We look forward to bringing you an experience the rest of the industry can only hope to achieve.

Why The Beauty Bar?

We're different. Can you imagine visiting a salon where each guest is managed by different people providing different standards of service? Neither can we. That's why The Beauty Bar is a professional environment that does not rent stations. Instead, our carefully-selected staff is auditioned, trained and employed by us, and they enjoy exceeding our high standards

of skill and service. Our guests are the most important

part of The Beauty Bar, and together we strive to

ensure that you are always smiling.

We believe this makes all the difference in the world. 

We have Goals!

Our goal as a team member is to satisfy every guest's desire to look fabulous, feel great and be treated with the highest admiration and respect. Our talented team approaches you with passion, energy and professionalism in a service-focused environment that is always welcoming.

Whatever your personal style, The Beauty Bar will help you express it through our alchemy of exceptional service, inspired creativity and practiced professionalism. 

The Level System

Ensuring Top-Notch Services

At The Beauty Bar, every staff member – from hair stylist, to nail tech, to support staff – works on a performance-based level system. This system is important for a number of reasons. First, it provides motivation for growth and an elevated career path for our team. Second, our level system creates options for your needs as a customer, as guests are welcome to choose the

level of employee that best suits their budget and needs.

One common misconception is that an employee’s level of creativity and competency is directly related to their years of experience. This isn’t the case in our salon.  Instead, our service providers are able to achieve promotions based on their performance, education, and guest satisfaction/retention. Our training at The Beauty Bar is in-depth, innovative and aggressive, ensuring our guests top-notch service providers that consistently exceed expectations.

Once an employee obtains a high level within our tiered system, she or he becomes an educator and begins working with an associate. This allows them to train our newest talent. It also is a great benefit to our clients because it means our staff can be more accommodating by having a second set of hands available. Working so closely on a peer level also enables our senior staff members to model our unique business standards to our newest members, providing a consistent experience to our guests.